Distributed user accounts and home directories with NIS, NFS and Amd (OpenBSD)

This document describes how to setup OpenBSD 3.6 so that user accounts and home directories on one machine (the master) can be shared among a number of hosts on a lan (the clients) using the tools in the OpenBSD default install. We make use of NIS, NFS and Amd to accomplish this.

Master server setup

Client setup

Testing and Maintenance

The above configuration should allow users with accounts created on the master server to login on the client machines without creating new accounts and to have a familiar shell enviroment. Passwords can be changed from client machines using yppasswd.

After changes are made to any of the mapped files on the master, you should run

 cd /var/yp; make 
to push the changes to the clients.

Things to check if it's not working:

    rpcinfo -p host      # to see rpc registered progs on host
    mount -v             # to check nfs mounts
    ypcat amd.home       # to check yp amd.home map
    ypmatch user passwd  # to check user entry in passwd map
    id                   # to check user belongs to correct groups
    less /var/log/daemon # error messages
    cd /var/yp; make     # you forgot, didn't you :)
    amq                  # various options for controlling amd


See Also

All the relevant OpenBSD manual pages and the Amd automounter reference manual.