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New initiative for binary updates effort.

This is a best effort service to provide builds of the stable tree of OpenBSD (only kernel + userland, no file sets for X at the moment).

The goal is to build a new release(8) once a month and after a security fix is published. As this is done by a small group of volunteers, no guarantees can be given in any way.

These files can be used to install OpenBSD or update the system. If you are updating, don't untar the etcXX.tgz file, unless you want to wipe out your local configuration. See the OpenBSD FAQ for further instructions.

Please note that these files are not provided by the OpenBSD project. If you don't trust them, don't use them. Build your own binaries, ( hire someone to do it for you or wait for the next release.

If you think something is missing or broken, please send an email to openbsd at z74 dot net.

Binary available here:


Latest contribution by Chris Pfaff on September 03, 2016

OpenVPN on OpenBSD (6.1) (with EasyRSA 3)
by Krzysztof "Chris" Pfaff
OpenBSD 6.1
Last update: May 08, 2017

VPN IKEv2 between a Windows 7 Road Warrior Host and an OpenBSD gateway (site-to-site)
by Wesley Mouedine Assaby
OpenBSD 5.1
Last update: June 3, 2012

Peter Hansteen's PF tutorial (site-to-site)
(several versions of prose text as well as slides available, this is the manuscript that morphed into The Book of PF).
Peter also offers the slides for the most recent tutorial session at a conference or similar at immediately after the session has concluded.
by Peter Hansteen
Update May 2012

OpenBSD: IPv6 Over IPv4 GRE Tunnel to Cisco Router (site-to-site)
by Theodoros Stamatopoulos
Last update: August, 2011

IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack BGP Configuration: OpenBGPD (site-to-site)
by Theodoros Stamatopoulos
Last update: July, 2011

OpenBSD as a mail server (site-to-site)
Setting up a full-featured, secure mail server using OpenBSD, Postfix, MySQL, Courier-IMAP, Amavisd-new, SpamAssassin, ClamAV and SquirrelMail.
by Daniele Mazzocchio
OpenBSD 4.8
Last update: March 13, 2011

Embedded OpenBSD (site-to-site)
Installing your favourite OS on embedded systems.
by Daniele Mazzocchio
OpenBSD 4.8
Last update: February 27, 2011

How to use ed to edit /etc/fstab in single user mode
by Chris Bennett
Last update: January, 2011

OpenBSD as a domain name server (site-to-site)
Step by step configuration of the Bind name server on OpenBSD, including dynamic update, TSIG and NAT handling.
by Daniele Mazzocchio
OpenBSD 4.8
Last update: December 4, 2010

Redundant firewalls with OpenBSD, CARP and pfsync (site-to-site)
Installing and configuring high-availability firewalls using OpenBSD's free tools and protocols.
by Daniele Mazzocchio
OpenBSD 4.8
Last update: November 10, 2010

The Squid and the Blowfish (site-to-site)
OpenBSD as a web proxy server. Featuring Squid, SquidGuard, SquidClamav and AdZapper.
by Daniele Mazzocchio
OpenBSD 4.7
Last update: July 11, 2010

Creating a custom OpenBSD RAM Disk (site-to-site)
by Aaron Mason
OpenBSD 4.6
Last update: January, 2010

Building VPNs on OpenBSD (site-to-site)
A practical comparison of the most popular VPN technologies available on OpenBSD: IPsec, OpenVPN and OpenSSH.
by Daniele Mazzocchio
OpenBSD 4.6
Last update: December 20, 2009

OpenBSD as a Primary Domain Controller (site-to-site)
Turning OpenBSD into a full-featured Primary Domain Controller with Samba, OpenLDAP, the smbldap-tools, CUPS and Samba-vscan (not to mention Bind and ClamAV).
by Daniele Mazzocchio
OpenBSD 4.6
Last update: November 4, 2009

Bandwidth Management for ADSL with OpenBSD (site-to-site PDF)
Warning: OpenBSD 4.6
by Benjamin Heckmann
Last update: November, 2009

Network monitoring with Nagios and OpenBSD (site-to-site)
Keeping tabs on your network with Nagios and OpenBSD. Also featuring NRPE, NSCA and NagVis.
by Daniele Mazzocchio
OpenBSD 4.6
Last update: October 28, 2009

OpenBSD Firewall / VPN using IPsec (site-to-site)
Warning: OpenBSD 4.4
Last update: January, 2009

Get KDE and KDM going
Warning: OpenBSD 4.2
KDM is a display manager that comes with KDE. It is a replacement for xdm. Obviously you have to install KDE from ports or pac kages. You also need a working X setup.
Update February 2008

Using OpenBSD as a DHCP Server
Warning: OpenBSD 4.2
OpenBSD comes with the ISC dhcpd and is easy to set up as a DHCP server.
Updated February 2008

OpenBSD 4.2 IDS solution - snort and base (site-to-site)
Warning: OpenBSD 4.2
Parvinder Bhasin
Last update: December 24, 2007

Quick Steps to an OpenBSD Desktop
Warning: OpenBSD 4.1
by Diego Arimany
Last update: July 17, 2007

Dual booting and swap sharing: OpenBSD and Debian GNU/Linux (site-to-site)
Warning: OpenBSD 4.0
or... "The zen process, on the way to a better OS for your laptop"
by Pau Amaro-Seoane
Last update: May 19, 2007

MySQL 5.0.x Installation and Setup.
iWarning: OpenBSD 4.x
by Daniel Ouellet
OpenBSD 4.0 and later
Updated December 28, 2006

OpenBSD Printing with CUPS, Ghostscript, and Gimp-Print
iWarning: OpenBSD ???
by Despot
Last update August 29, 2006

Playing audio CDs with OpenBSD using Grip
Warning: OpenBSD 3.9
by Bachman Kharazmi
Updated July 2006

Installing Gallery 2
Warning: OpenBSD 3.9
by Nick Humphrey
Updated July 2006

Apache VirtualHosts with suexec and chroot
Warning: OpenBSD 3.9
May 2006, by Ian Charnas

Backup with dd and gzip
Warning: OpenBSD 3.8
by Thierry Coppey
Updated April 2006

OpenBSD Diskless setup
OpenBSD Backup script example without tape (same author)
Warning: OpenBSD 3.8
Updated April 2006

Using OpenBSD and Snort to build ready to roll Network Intrusion Detection System Sensor
Warning: OpenBSD 3.7
Kamal Hilmi Othman
Updated June 2004
Slide presentation to UseBSD (USENIX ATC 2004)

OpenBSD 3.7 and PPPoE
Warning: OpenBSD 3.7
Updated January 2006
A Beginner's Guide to xDSL Firewalling

MySQL GUI Install
Warning: OpenBSD 3.7
Updated January 2006, by Keith Richardson

Gallery software working in chroot apache in OpenBSD
Warning: OpenBSD 3.7
May 2005, by Nick Holmes

OpenBSD Dualboot Walkthrough (updated! Now supports Win95 - WinXP inclusive)
Warning: OpenBSD 3.7
Updated October 2005 by Scott Francis

OpenBSD Desktop For Windows Users
Warning: OpenBSD 3.8

How to configure Open NTPD
Warning: OpenBSD 3.8
Updated April 2006 by Mike Calvi

Getting gnome and GDM up and running.
Warning: OpenBSD 3.6

OpenBSD 3.6 Gateway Mail Filter
Warning: OpenBSD 3.6
Installing an OpenBSD 3.6 mail server, spam filtering & anti-virus with web-based interface and with spamassassin, amavisd-new, maia mailguard, apache, mysql

Distributed user accounts
Warning: OpenBSD 3.6
Distributed user accounts and home directories with NIS, NFS and Amd (OpenBSD).

Running news from a chroot jail.
e107 and Warning: OpenBSD 3.5

Notes about OpenBSD 3.5 like a webserver, with SSL, Php, MySQL and mod_security support.
Warning: OpenBSD 3.5
Updated January 2005

Quick Steps to an OpenBSD Desktop
Warning: OpenBSD 3.x - unknown - need review! Can you help?
Was replace by Quick Steps to an OpenBSD Desktop

Installing and configuring ezmlm-idx with qmail
Warning: OpenBSD 3.x - unknown - need review! Can you help?
This is a HOWTO written on installation, testing, and setup of ezmlm-idx, an extended mailing list manager for use with the qmail MTA. This HOWTO is geared specifically for OpenBSD but may be used with care on other *nix platforms.

Integrating qmail, qmail-scanner and NAI's VirusScan for Linux on OpenBSD
Warning: OpenBSD 3.x - unknown - need review! Can you help?
This HOWTO covers the installation of VirusScan for Linux using Linux emulation under OpenBSD and using qmail-scanner to provide gateway SMTP antivirus protection on your qmail server.

Installing and Configuring qmail-ldap (OpenBSD 3.3)
Removed at the author's request.

The purpose of these documents is not to replace any existing documentation for any of the mentioned software components. The sole purpose of these documents is to explain how to set up said software/applications on OpenBSD, period. These documents are not meant to explain how OpenBSD works as that is well documented in the OpenBSD FAQ, which can be found on the OpenBSD website. These documents do not replace the OpenBSD FAQ but are here to provide supplementary instructions on the setup of said software/applications.

Send your docs to me for now.

As for any valuable content for "the Official OpenBSD FAQ", please do not send them here! First read Nick Holland's posting here and specially here, then if you think you have something of value for Nick, send it to him. For the rest, if it is good, send it here. As Nick put it, "I would expect independant projects would have different criteria, goals and such." So, take it as such. If anything here is valuable to you and useful, great, if not... maybe you can help!

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